09/14/2006 02:38 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Don't Call me Stupid

I can tell how upset I am when I write a not too lucid piece about our most recent war. Perhaps this has happened because I have run out of Zoloft. As a result, I am crazier then usual.

Will someone please come and explain what is going on in a country that impeaches a president for lying about consensual sex, and sits mostly still as a president sends our sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters into harms way thousands of miles away because our President knows best, and is staying the course?

MGM/UA released a film in the late eighties entitled "A Fish Called Wanda." In it, the nutso character played by Kevin Klein often says to his girlfriend played by Jamie Lee Curtis, "don't call me stupid."

The leaders of my government call me stupid indirectly, and do it over and over.

They expect me to believe them when they tell me things that are based on things that they now say are wrong. (How about that for a sentence, and if you understand it, I invite you to come and join me.) They have been wrong about almost everything, (I put the almost into the sentence because everything sounds so complete!)

The events of 9/11 were certainly terrorist acts. Our government has acknowledged that there were no connections between Iraq and the events of 9/11, or the terrorists that committed these acts, yet they keep implying, or stating indirectly, that there was indeed a connection. (OK, so they made a little mistake.)

They have invaded a sovereign nation (Iraq) because they purportedly had big deal weapons that they turned out not to have. (OK, so they made another little mistake.)

Looking around for other reasons, they now say that Sadaam was a bad guy, and we did the right thing anyway. (OK so they made another little mistake.)

They maintain now that the war in Iraq (somehow categorized as a war on terror) is somehow connected to, and part of, or the same as the terrorist acts of 9/11, even though we have said that there was no connection between the two events, or the people involved. (OK, so they made another little mistake.)

There were no terrorists in Iraq when they invaded Iraq, and now our government says that if we did not defeat the terrorists that have magically emerged in Iraq since our invasion, they will certainly, at some time in the future, follow us home and blow up the Grand Concourse in the Bronx, Wrigley Field in Chicago, or Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Perhaps this is now true, but would it have been true if we had not gone to war in Iraq? Will it not be true if we continue this stupidity to whatever conclusion the President seeks?

Now we have learned that Republicans are great American patriots and Democrats support terrorists. We know that because the administration says it repeatedly.

We have replaced politically correct with politically expedient. The "uniter" is in fact a "divider". Anything resembling a dialogue is impossible when one wishes to discuss possible alternatives to this horrid war; you are labeled as soft on terror, or not supporting our troops, un-American, and worse.

If the end game is staying in power, I expect that anything you do in order to stay in power is OK. Just not OK for America.

The administration wants to try their purported terrorist prisoners in Guantanamo before they execute them without reasonable due process. When the Democrats object to the lack of due process, the Republicans call them ...drum roll please, SOFT ON KNOWN TERRORISTS. How do we know they're terrorists? Because they tell us so. First, the verdict, then, the trial; it's Alice in Wonderland.

For a bonus they have said that those who object to the way they wish to precede care more about the terrorists then their victims. Wow, what a surprise. Why can't you take issue with anything these guys want to do without being vilified?

Is it conceivable that our invasion and destruction of the Iraqi infrastructure, and our killing and wounding of so many innocents, would somehow be responsible for their not inviting us to dinner? Instead, they are in trying to kill our people, and drive them out of their country.

Did anyone suggest that the Iraqis might not be happy with an invading army (ours) in THEIR COUNTRY? What would we be doing if we had been invaded and occupied?

And in conclusion:

Where is Jamie Lee Curtis when I need her?
Could she make me forget?
Perhaps I would not forget, but would I still care?

Norman Horowitz
Just kidding about the Zoloft
Who spells badly