12/23/2008 06:44 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Thank God: Someone Will Be Watching

I noticed this fascinating piece at five this morning. It is extremely interesting and of great concern.

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Thank God: Someone Will Be Watching

In a surprise announcement, Georgetown University Professor Robert Lieber, advisor to Democratic Presidential candidates and McCain 2008 supporter announced the formation of a new oversight group called "Watch Obama Carefully Always (WOCA.)

Lieber announced the group at a press conference in Phoenix Wednesday stating a variety of goals for his new organization. He stated that his Arizona group stood ready to assist the Obama team in making policy decisions and appointments, by "vetting" new personnel and reviewing policies under consideration.

He will be joined by former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson, former Arizona State Legislator Phil Hubbard, Mammoth Mayor Craig Williams, as well as former Arizona LULAC Director Ray Gans, and Democratic 25th Precinct Chair Silverio "Silver" Salazar of Colorado.

At a round table discussion held by WOCA they announced the group's support of Pastor Rick Warren's Inauguration participation. "He is after all considered by all of us to be a real American." When asked to clarify the comment, Lieber was quoted as saying: "you know exactly what I mean by this,"

"The Obama people will continue to need to clarify their attitudes as to which people and policies Americans can rally around during this period of economic and socio economic pain and we will help them to do this."

The liberal media have dominated print, radio, and television reporting and have done so for more then fifty years. These "eastern establishment people" desire to continue to speak from the left, and we will be there helping them see issues in a more "American" way.

We expect WOCA to assist the Obama people in providing solutions more attuned to "the right." We will also assist them in presenting a more balanced "face" to issues at hand the organizations Vice Chairman Hubbard stated.

A web site ( is being put into place, and they expect over 150,000 hits a day on it once it is up and running.

For further information, please contact

Now of course NOTHING that I have said above is true. I made up absolutely everything except the names.

Why would I do it? I expect that it is because of my observation that so many have so much to say about what President Elect Obama is planning on doing before he has actually done anything as our President. Expecting unanimity on each and every name announced, and policy reviewed will lead only to unfulfilled expectations and anger.

After eight Bush years, we need to support our country and our new President in it's time of greatest need.

Certainly I am not at all thrilled by the Rick Warren stuff, but boy are we as a nation sinking rapidly. We are deep in debt, involved in two wars, and vilified worldwide.

The enormity of the challenge for Obama is difficult to comprehend, but at least for the first months of his Presidency, the media might consider cutting him a lot of slack,

It is not the time to divert energy into the Illinois politics of "what did Obama know and when did he know it?

Our new generation of entertainers pretending to be journalists at MSNBC, CNN, FNC, and CNBC should find other programming for a while instead of creating controversy and then reporting what they have done as "news." They should support our President and look to vilify him after our nation is back on something resembling the right track.

If these "purported" news organizations were to only report "the news," their ratings would suffer, their companies (Time/Warner, News Corp, and General Electric) would survive, and America would be far better served.