07/20/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Call Me a Bleeding Heart Conservative

Yesterday, a conservative blogger who prefers to be anonymous wrote a post titled "'Born Again American Is Liberal". He says that of a song written by Keith Carradine and sung by a number of average, working Americans from across the country, who are for the most part living the lyrics they are singing.

I consider myself a conservative in that you may not fool (there I said it, the f word!) with my American rights and liberties; my country's guarantees of equal opportunity and equal justice under the law. Alright, you can call me a bleeding heart, too, because I also believe that those blessings were intended for all Americans, and I cannot see how we level the playing field to achieve that without some of us moving over a bit from time to time to make room. Okay, so call me a bleeding heart conservative.

I am sending this blog to two noted straight (meaning that they are not bleeding hearts) conservatives, David Frum, at The New Majority and Byron York, at the Washington Examiner and to the Huffington Post for which I have blogged before. My hope is that all three will elect to allow their readers to tell us what they feel.

The blogger who accuses Born Again American of being liberal says that "THE SONG IS A DEAD FISH HIDDEN WITHIN A CHOCOLATE CAKE." I've seen withering comments before, but how withering can you get?! To me, this song and the people who sing it come straight from the heart and the great plains. Tell us all, you who follow HuffPost, David Frum and Byron York what you think.