Lyndon Johnson, His National Security Advisor and His Secretary of Defense Say All

Was the Vietnam War an act of prescience, or simply a prelude to today? You decide after hearing the principals in the White House at that time discuss the agony of that moment. The first 1000 people who respond to this blog by emailing here will receive a free DVD copy of last Friday's PBS show, Bill Moyers Journal.

There is no editorial content in this hour. Yes, it is cut together from hours and hours of conversation that President Johnson caused to be recorded. But it is history, and so we already know the beginning, middle and end. What we could not have known is how the men in charge were reacting to events as they unfolded over time and what they were feeling and thinking as America got deeper and deeper into the muck and mire of Vietnam. And then, how closely it all resembles -- and it doesn't take that much imagination at all -- what Barack Obama and associates must be going through right now.

I offer to pay personally for these videos just in case Santanyana had it right when he said something to the effect that those who tend to forget history may be doomed to repeat it. I know that members of Congress never forget the lessons of history, but should any wish to instruct the younger members of their staff, those copies will be in addition to the 1000.

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