10/01/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

President Palin? It's a Possibility

God forbid anything unfortunate happens to John McCain should he win
the election. Yet, you have to admit it is exciting to contemplate
a Sarah Palin presidency. According to her interview in People
magazine, she doesn't sleep much and has more than one blackberry.
But when duty calls, she says she will "put down the blackberries
and pick up the breast pump." It's not the activity itself that
makes her so special, it's that she would share that with us. As if
that were not enough, it is comforting to know that any head of
state who may have it in for us will have to deal with a woman who
can pick up a gun and kill a duck as easily as -- say, picking up a
gun and killing a deer. Then there's the caring side of her,
involved as she is -- some might call it meddling -- in the lives and
bodies and families of women everywhere who she will never even
know. Not to mention her concern for children everywhere who are
being taught the theory of evolution as science by Christian-bashing
God haters from big city universities she wouldn't send Trig,
Track, Piper, Bristol or Willow to in a million years. What an
unusual person and super interesting choice for McCain's running
mate. No wonder her husband said of her, "She's a hard worker and
isn't wired normal."

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