11/10/2010 02:21 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

NYCity Snapshot: Issues and Impact

Amid the backdrop of the midterm elections, NYCity News Service reporters fanned around the city, video and audio recorders in hand, and asked scores of New Yorkers: "What election issue affects you the most personally, and how?"

The answers were as diverse as the city itself:

•Mohammed Chowdhury, a Queens construction worker, cited employment, noting he was struggling to find more than just part-time jobs. "I cannot make enough money to pay off all kinds of bills," he said.

•Andolina Collado, of Manhattan, is most worried about her daughter's education. "They are closing down a lot of schools," she said.

•Hector Lopez, a minister from Brooklyn, said his medical benefits have been reduced and his dental coverage has been eliminated. "The middle class has disappeared," he said.

That's just a sampling. Go here for a glimpse of some the faces behind the issues and to hear the voices of a wide spectrum of New Yorkers.