04/04/2014 02:52 pm ET Updated Jun 04, 2014

The Journey's Just Begun: The Rest Is Up to Us

I was incredibly honored to be asked to participate in Disneynature's film, Bears, and record the song "Carry On." The lyrics are so inspiring, letting all realize that they do have the ability to overcome challenges that confront them in life.

The song intertwines with the movie so beautifully. The film reveals how a family of bears embark on an exciting and adventurous journey and how they cope with the obstacles they face along the way. It imparts the message of the values and strengths it takes to build a family, which enable them to overcome the struggles necessary to take care of one another and survive together. This is a family value that is important to me and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to help spread this message to kids who see this film and hear the song.

In order for wild animals to survive, it is necessary to protect the environment. That is something important for kids to learn early on because the future of the planet and our world is up to the younger generations. I think it is really cool that Disneynature premieres their films on Earth Day, a day dedicated to create an awareness of how fragile our environment is and how important it is to protect it. These films show the beauty and the majesty of the world that most kids and families are unfamiliar with. Bears takes the audience on a journey that captures footage of places people only read about and imagine.

When kids see wild animals in a touching story where their survival depends on a healthy environment, they root for the animals and they become aware of the role we all play in keeping this environment healthy. The National Parks are protected by governments throughout the world. But governments can just make the rules. It is up to those who visit the parks and enjoy the beauty of the plants and animals living there to ensure that this protection is maintained.

There are many ways that kids and families can participate in protecting the environment in their community. Some are as simple as turning off the water faucet when brushing teeth or walking and biking to a nearby site, instead of driving. These and other environmental behaviors have a long-term impact on the community. Saving water at home, especially during a drought, leaves more water to grow plants. Plants that grow provide food for animals. This is a simple progression, but expanded world-wide, it has an enormous impact.

This is the 44th celebration of Earth Day, a day celebrated in almost two hundred countries, dedicated to raising the consciousness of everyone throughout the world. It's extremely important that this message reach children because the future of the planet and the environment will be up to us to protect and maintain. Bears helps the youngest to the oldest get this message.

· "Carry On" music video premiered on Disney Channel on March 29 and is available on iTunes. Singles sales will benefit the National Park Foundation.

· Disneynature's new True Life Adventure "Bears" opens in theaters April 18, 2014, just in time for Earth Day.

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