01/25/2012 09:25 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Teen Impact: Finalist #13

This blog post was submitted as an entry in the Teen Impact contest and awarded as a finalist.

We are all born with a unique gift, the power to give. I started a club at my school called Club PB&J in the summer of 2010. With over 100 members, I allowed teenagers to step outside of their comfort zone and learn how to help those less fortunate. Each month we go to downtown San Diego and feed the homeless. We provide peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Nika water, PopChips and clothing to hundreds of homeless people. But it is not just about the food or clothing -- we get to know each person. We talk to them, ask them how they are doing, and learn who they truly are. We are all human beings, and we each possess the same power. I give back to the homeless and their smiles and appreciation is their gift to me. I am a leader in my community and an excellent representation of my generation's power to do good. I may just be another teenager, but I know that I make a big difference every day.