12/01/2014 11:09 am ET Updated Jan 31, 2015

Nourish Yourself After Massage With Self Care

Hiroshi Watanabe via Getty Images

You finally receive a long overdue massage. Your body melts away stress, releases tension and you reach a peaceful balance in body, mind and spirit. You arise feeling both relaxed and energized.

You want to enhance the benefits of your bodywork, so what can you do?

Massage helps to release toxins that are stored in our cells, and hydrating with extra water and herbal tea helps to flush and clear our bodies. Room temperature water is easier for your body to assimilate, chamomile tea can help calm and peppermint tea can help relieve stress.

Massage can bring deeper awareness of your body. Follow massage with a yoga class and increase the benefits through intention, deep stretches, breath work, and meditation. Listen to your body and choose a class that suits you.

Walk (or sit or stand) in nature
Nature has a restorative quality -- the earth grounds us and the sky opens us to endless possibilities. Whether you have 10 minutes or an hour, plant your feet on the ground, allow your senses to be enriched, breathe in the fresh air, listen to the breeze in the branches, notice how the light plays on leaves, filters through clouds.

Take a bath (or shower)
Warm water nourishes and helps to relieve tension in sore muscles. If you can take a bath, add epsom salt and relaxing essential oils like lavender for calming and balancing and frankincense for tranquility and tension reduction.

Most importantly, remember your breath. Continue to breathe into the places in your body that hold tension and call your attention. Allow your breath to reach deep down to your belly, soften your abdominals and gluts, shoulders and jaw. Follow your breath in and out. Release. Your breath cleanses and restores.

What are your keys to self care?