06/18/2012 10:42 am ET Updated Aug 18, 2012

Nature at Its Core: Women

The earth has a natural rhythm linked to the universe around it. Women share that connection. There are days we feel open and happy, and other days when we may feel unclear and sad. Why? Is there a purpose to the highs and lows? What can we learn from the pulsations of life and how can understanding this flow guide us to new heights?

Nature at its core is women.

There is a direct connection -- a commonality to the earth and her surroundings -- which is uniquely related to women. Naturally, women experience a monthly cycle. We are joined energetically to the phases of the moon, the cycles of the seasons and the flow of sunrise and sunset.

Once you step back from the immediate experience of distinguishing between cloudy and sunny days, the visual of the flow of nature takes form. This natural flow can charge you, feed you and empower you. Once realized, the connection is a powerful tool to tap into the natural energy around you.

Women are connected to the world in unique ways. We are taught from a very early age and on mental, emotional and physical levels that our life contains ups and downs. We learn to adapt to this natural rhythm and cycle. Seen in its entirety, this non-duality and recognition of the power of change can empower women to succeed in inexplicable ways. There is a reason Earth is referred to as "mother."

Tap into the power of the world around you and serve the flow.

The natural rhythm of life, the organic flow, is the secret to our success. Once we recognize and serve this flow, we can exponentially expand and grow. Success and achievement are just one heartbeat away. The concept of tantric philosophy is that we are already full and have everything we need; we lack nothing. The Sanskrit word "Purna" is defined as inner knowing. We remember that, even if it is a cloudy day, the sun still permeates. We remember not to become distracted by the illusions around us, even when we cannot see the sun. The mind-chit or consciousness can melt like honey in a cup of tea. In this way, we can see the beauty of the changes of life.

Enjoy the ordinary moments of life, like walking with bare feet on the grass or on the beach. All of these moments are reminders to return to simplicity and to recall that life is simple and has rhythm and flow.


Osi Mizrahi

Director of Serve the flow


Osi Mizrahi is Director of Serve the Flow, and will host a "Yoga & Meditation Class: How to Live a Vibrant, Joyous Life" on June 18, 2012 during S.H.E. Summit Week. S.H.E. Summit Week, taking place June 18-24, is New York City's first "women's week," with 35+ events designed for, by and about women to inspire each other in work, life & everything in between. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit