11/23/2016 01:36 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

News Roundup for November 23, 2016

Here's the Outspeak roundup of the top five (actually true and totally fact-checked) news stories to unhump your Wednesday.

1. Standing Rock protesters, mostly Native American, are being teargassed by police. Rather fitting for Thanksgiving week. More here.

2. Stanford researchers have found a majority of our youth can't tell fact from fiction when reading the news. Yet another reason to blame millennials for the inevitable downfall of mankind. More here.

3. Donald Trump has chosen Nikki Haley for UN Ambassador. Great of Trump to pick a woman... who actively fights against women's rights. More here.

4. Students in Queen's University in Ontario are coming under fire for holding a "racist" themed party. Ex-Prime Minister Stephen Harper's son rushed to their defence claiming it wasn't real racism, according to the dictionary definition. He's also a student at Queen's. He's also white. He's also an idiot. More here.

5. Obama handed out his last Presidential Medals of Freedom. We guess when the world's on fire it's nice to celebrate woke celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and the nice things they've done. More here.