11/30/2016 01:39 pm ET Updated Dec 01, 2017

News Roundup for November 30, 2016

Outspeak's news roundup for your eyeholes.

1. Justin Trudeau approves Kinder Morgan and the Enfield Line 3 pipelines. Canada's golden boy loses sheen, although he's still undeniably beautiful. More here.

2. Nancy Pelosi has been re-elected as leader of the Democratic Party. Why change anything after that trainwreck of an election? More here.

3. Trump promises to hand over businesses completely. Sounds like bullshit to us but then again Trump never lies. More here.

4. The navy is testing a new app, LiveSafe, which could help prevent sexual assaults to sailors on duty. Finally someone can hear you scream on international waters. But seriously, this could be pretty awesome. More here.

5. Britain's new five pound note contains animal fat. Vegans are up in arms but aren't they always? More here.