Berlin's Most Memorable Hotels (PHOTOS)

From luxe suites to hipster hangouts, there is a "best" hotel for everyone in Berlin.
09/12/2012 07:31 am ET Updated Nov 12, 2012

Since the fall of the wall, post-Communist Berlin has become a thriving creative and cultural center, boasting an internationally renowned arts scene, first-rate shopping, legendary nightlife and ultra-modern architecture. It is also a major business hub, attracting suits and ties from across the globe.

Alongside these modern digs is historical Berlin: Iconic sights like the Brandenburg Gate and the East Side Gallery attract families and backpackers alike to this European capital. Such a diverse crowd means extraordinarily diverse lodgings.

From luxe suites to hipster hovels (very attractive hovels, though), there is a "best" hotel for everyone in Berlin. Check out some of our favorites.

-- Kristina Fazzalaro,

Some of the Best Hotels in Berlin (PHOTOS)