04/04/2013 07:58 am ET Updated Jun 04, 2013

Funky Freebies And Looney Loaners: The 7 Most Interesting Amenities We've Seen (PHOTOS)

Everyone knows that we here at love freebies. After all, we talk about them a lot -- and we mean a lot. But when you're shelling out hard-earned cash for your hotel room, it's nice when the hotel recognizes that and throws in some perks "just because." We've already gone through the freebies we love, and honestly kind of expect, but we've yet to go through all the freebies that really took us by surprise -- and sometimes even made us laugh! Some you can bring home with you, some are just on loan, but all of these amenities are funky, looney, and downright fabulous.

-- Jane Reynolds,

Funky Freebies and Looney Loaners: The 7 Most Interesting Amenities Weve Seen (PHOTOS)