04/05/2012 04:28 pm ET Updated Jun 05, 2012

Romney Slams Obama for Flip-Flopping But Praises Him for Unwavering Leadership

Looking more and more like the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney is looking ahead to his verbal jousting with the incumbent president, Barack Obama. Romney rebuked the president for his political wavering while commending him for his unshakeable leadership.

"Barack Obama is a political opportunist who makes decisions according to the direction of the ideological current," Romney said. "At the same time, he boldly stands up for the values he believes in, unpopular though they may be."

Romney accused Obama of straying from the ideals of his presidential candidacy in favor of political expediency.

"What happened to the 'change we can believe in' campaign?" teased Romney. "All that remains is cynical compromise."

Obama's likely challenger went on to say that the president showed tremendous persistence and courage in opposing Republicans in Congress.

"Having passed similar healthcare reform in Massachusetts when I was governor, I must applaud the president for standing up to the Republicans and passing health care legislation that ensures that all Americans have the opportunity to receive the care that they need," Romney said.

"Still, I hate him," he added. "But he's a really great guy."

Romney said that he did not rule out running as an Independent or a Democrat in future elections, though in his heart he would always be a Republican on certain issues.

Originally featured in The Daily Pygmy.