04/14/2008 10:31 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

April is Earth Month -- Mother Earth, Motherhood -- The Holiest of Holies

The month of April is a celebration of Earth. What is more synonymous with Earth than Mother? And yet, just as we are recognizing the serious consequences of our neglect and abuse of nature, I look around in our society and I see the abuse and neglect of not just mothers but motherhood itself.

Britney, a very famous new mother, has suffered dire consequences for her actions. Namely, of falling in love, getting pregnant and getting married. Shame on her. Call her crazy. Call her wanton. Call her anything you want, the press does. As do people wide and far who have never even met her and never will.


But Britney, baby girl, do you want to know how you might be able to get your kids back? Have you thought to do A PATERNITY DNA TEST on your sons and KFAT? You got knocked up after a night of clubhopping -- in LONDON, right? Well, chances are that even though you would swear on a Bible that FAT-Ex is the Dad, a simple DNA test may prove otherwise. Think about it. Don't you want to know the truth? Wouldn't you shudder to think that not only is FAT-Ex raising your kids but he's NOT even the biological dad? When you think about it logically, how could he be? and treat you like that?

"The Power of We"

Importantly, by knowing our own and our offspring's genetic heritage, we can take preventative measures for any genetically attendant diseases or potential "conditions." Anne Wojcicki and Linda Avey, founders of 23andMe wrote intelligently and lucidly on this subject recently here on Huff Po LINK

So as April 22nd, Earth Day rolls around and all its attendant festivities honoring the cradle -- Planet Earth -- that nourishes and homes us, let us also remember April 25th which is DNA Day. As human beings we are inhabitants of Earth just as are trees and whales and countless other species that we are all too ready to trash without heed to the consequences. To find out more about how to celebrate DNA Day and why to celebrate it, you can go to Spittoon LINK and read about Fun Activities To Do on DNA Day.

Both Canada and Japan have National DNA data banks. Japan's is affiliated with their National Institute of Genetics. The UK has "banked" more than 6% of their population's DNA profiles.

This recent (March 26, 2008) NPR story is all about a company,, that says using your DNA is the best way to maximize chances of finding a mate. All you have to do is swab the inside of your cheek and put the sample in the mail. Two weeks later you'll have your genetic match.
Listen to the story HERE.

Do a DNA test Britney. Motherhood is not a crime. It is one of the Holiest of Holies. Or, it needs to be, still, if humanity is to survive and thrive successfully here on Planet Mother Earth.