05/14/2014 11:44 am ET Updated Jul 14, 2014

The Top CrossFit Stereotypes Debunked

It seems like everyone and their BFFs are talking about it nowadays -- in fact, everywhere you go you hear or read about CrossFit. The problem with this is that most of what you hear is just plain not good. At all. What's up with that anyway?! Unfortunately, 99.99999 percent of the people saying NOT positive things about CrossFit don't even do CrossFit on a regular basis or even at all. That's a real statistic, I didn't even make it up at all, I swear.

So, just for you, I have put together a sampling of my LEAST favorite CrossFit stereotypes and why they are just plain ridiculous.

"Oh my goddddd you're like going to get Rhabdo from doing CrossFit!"
All right, ENOUGH with the Rhabdo, people. STOP. JUST STOP. According to WebMd, the most common causes of Rhabdo are:

  • The use of alcohol or illegal drugs such as cocaine or amphetamines
  • Extreme muscle strain, especially in someone who is an untrained athlete. This can happen in elite athletes too, however. And it can be more dangerous if there is more muscle mass to break down.
  • A crush injury such as from an auto accident, fall, or building collapse
  • Long-lasting muscle compression such as that caused by lying unconscious on a hard surface during illness or while under the influence of alcohol or medication
  • The use of drugs such as corticosteroids or statins, especially when given in high doses

"You mean CrossFit wasn't one of the options? OH EM GEE." Sure, the second bullet is related to working out -- I get it. But let's be honest here -- if you have never worked out, doing ANYTHING is grounds for Rhabdo if you aren't careful. It's not like the only way to get Rhabdo is by joining a CrossFit gym. In fact, I have never seen or heard of it happening to anyone that did CrossFit before. So how about we just call a spade a spade: BE CAREFUL, no matter what workout or training regimen you choose to do. Nail. In. Coffin.

"Who needs proper form when you can CrossFit?!" No but really, this one just annoys me to no end. In ANY gym you go to ANYWHERE you are going to see people doing things wrong. That being said, go to a gym and start using improper form and see if anyone says anything to help you. Not gonna happen. Coaches at a CrossFit gym are all over that stuff. No one wants you to get hurt -- the coaches are there to help you and show you the most effective way to get the most out of your lift. Granted, YES, some coaches are certainly better than others (like mine obviously... duh). This stereotype also came from pretty much any kipping movement. Which is actually derived from gymnastics, NOT CrossFit. And for the record, kipping, isn't incorrect form at all -- it's just a different MOVEMENT. Like push-ups and sit-ups. Two different things. GET OVER IT, PEOPLE.

"Joining CrossFit is like joining a cult." Yes, that is EXACTLY what CrossFit is: a cult. If by cult, you mean a group of people working out at the same time together, that end up being friends, that give each other words of support when they need them, that challenge each other, that have fun parties and kill workouts together, then yes, CrossFit IS in fact a cult. People generally LIKE being in a group environment for the most part -- it's just in our chemistry. We like to belong and support each other. And since when has it ever been so wrong to work together as a team, to be friends with your teammates, and to actually LIKE doing what you do? Last time I checked, camaraderie was something that was encouraged since grade school... but I digress.

Bottom line: I support whatever it is that YOU want to do for YOU. I am not going to talk trash about your workout just because it's not for ME, or force you to do CrossFit just because I like it. So don't do the same to those of us who LOVE CrossFit and how it makes us feel. Sure, we might talk about it a lot, but that's because we are passionate about it. Just like some people are passionate about their kids or animals or whatever it is that makes them happy. I encourage anyone that is or wants to better themselves through fitness no matter what avenue they choose -- go and get after it! Embrace fitness, people. JUST EMBRACE IT.