12/08/2014 11:20 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Missing Picture of Vision Boards


Creating a vision board is great. I am all about it! Follow your passion. Create your vision. Think about your future. Imagine what you want, what you could have, what/who you could be. Find pictures of it and pin them on Pinterest or cut them out from a magazine and create your own 3D board. Its all good. Its all about what you desire. Desire is the first step toward creating ANYTHING. Desire is the prelude to setting an intention.

But then what? So you desire it. Does it make it real? Does it make it come to life magically? Unfortunately NO. And a few years back when the book and movie The Secret hit the marketplace, people were mesmerized into thinking the Law of Attraction would automatically bring them exactly what they wanted. Only to realize disappointment when what they posted on their vision board didn't just (poof) come into their life because they wanted/desired it. The universe is too smart for that. She (usually) won't bring you anything you are not emotionally and spiritually ready for unless there is a big lesson for you to learn along the way.

So, now what? While vision boards are helpful because they give you an opportunity to daydream, to dream, to pretend, to imagine, they also can lead to false hopes because just creating a board with pictures doesn't help you to "see" the entire picture. The vision board concept can inspire you, but it won't really MOVE you. However, its a start... it creates a platform of desire. And without desire to make a change,there can not be self change. (Of course, the world around you is constantly changing, as are your body and your cells.) But unless we act upon that desire, we are just left with a beautiful board of hopeful pictures.

How does this all work? How do you take the pictures from your vision board and transform them into a reality? How do you create momentum toward making it real? Well, desire (for something) is first. Next, you need to create an intention (the thought of what you intend to actually do).

The strategy behind the vision board is to WORK toward getting what you want... yes, there is work involved. However, the good news is, that the more your vision (represented by your chosen pictures) is in line with your spirit, your soul, your essence, the work won't really seem like work... it will seem more like play! Yes. Play... having fun. doing what you enjoy. Yes, there must be movement, strategy, and action. You must create action toward your vision/desires.

So to recap, you need the desire, the intention and finally attention. Attention means laser focus. Attention means to set your mind, heart and soul on your desire. Spending time with it. Being patient with it. And from this attention, you will need to create action or a strategy. Those beautiful pictures on your vision board won't come to life by you just staring at them 24-7. You MUST create momentum of action (MOA).

MOA requires you to start with a laser beam focus and step by step create an action that moves you forward toward your desire. In the physics realm, momentum is defined as:
the quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity; the impetus gained by a moving object. So if you really want to move forward toward your desires of your vision board, momentum will be absolutely necessary. You need to move from point A to point B. You need to create a strategy of how to get there. A is your starting point. B is your destination. How do you go from A to B without a lot of struggle, interference and pain?

You see, the universe wants what you want. The universe loves you to death. She wants you to learn along the way. She desires self growth and expansion for you. She isn't just going to (plop) materialize your desires on your lap. Once your desires are known, she conspires to help you make them happen, but EXPECT that there will be lessons for you to learn along the way. Whether its desires for your business, your family, financial or your personal relationships, you need to create a strategy of how to get there. Prioritize your visions. Which is the most important? Which can add the greatest spiritual and emotional satisfaction and richness to your life?

Let's say you want a romantic relationship. You have pictures of a beautiful woman who is loving and endearing... or you have photos on your vision board of an intelligent, entrepreneurial man who is well spoken, financially secure, kind and respectful. Now what? Will you just magically meet her/him? Will they just surprise you and knock at your door? Of course not. Well, maybe in the movies they do... But in the real world, that's probably not a realistic picture. So, you must decide, if you want this type of person in your life, how will you attract her/him. And are you really open to meeting her/him? Are you really ready? Is your emotional closet cleaned out? Do you have enough space within yourself to bring that person into your life and create a beautiful and mutually satisfying bond with her/him?

If you are not at a point in your own life to truly bring another into yours, it simply won't happen. Or, it may happen, but with many struggles, emotional pain and unpleasantries. You see, the universe will conspire to bring your vision/desires to fruition, but they may not be the picture perfect ones. There may be painful lessons attached. So be careful what you ask for, what you seek out, what you desire. The universe is interested in expanding your soul, in growth, in self awareness. For example, you have heard stories of many people who have won millions of dollars in the lottery and are financially secure forever, yet, their winnings bring them sadness and despair; the universe's lesson was all about their relationship with money. So don't desire ANYTHING unless you are emotionally and spiritually ready to handle what you may get handed!

Don't let your vision board become a prayer book. Your board is solely your blueprint of the life and lifestyle you desire to create. Its your guidebook, not your Bible. It won't save you, it will only inspire you to create. Believe in possibilities. Believe that you co-create your destiny and your journey will be filled with many lessons (some of which may be painful and challenging). Know that the universe is on your side and only wants you to become more self aware, acquire greater wisdom and expand your perceptions and embrace and embody unconditional love.

You were born with wings. You were meant for flying. ~Rumi~

Go out and fly!