07/31/2014 11:07 am ET Updated Sep 30, 2014

Making Peace With Fear

In every aspect of our lives, fear comes with the territory. But the individuals who excel are not defined by that fear. In fact they thrive on it and recognize it as a fact of life, a sign pointing them to something bigger.

Fear is not bad or wrong. It's just an emotion like any other. So it's time to normalize your everyday fear and see it as the divine guidepost that it is.


When a wave of fear hits, the key is to breathe and receive. As you grow to accept fear as simply a part of your experience, you can inhale it, feel it, and release it -- shifting your energy from panic to peace. Having awareness and clarity around your fear is what empowers you to uncover your authentic soul signature, your spiritual DNA. No longer squinting through the fog of anxiety, in touch with the very essence of yourself, you can fully embrace the greater adventure that's summoning you.


Believe it or not, the energy of fear is often a byproduct of something wonderful. It pushes you to take a risk, providing an opening to expand and elevate your vibrational frequency. Saying yes in the face of fear is one of the most liberating and empowering things you can do. It can propel you into the greater realm of your infinite potential; revealing that the "something more" that's so scary is actually a greater expression of you.


Everyone has fear. Everyone. Every Fortune 500 mastermind, every Hollywood superstar, every powerful world leader or person you deem as "perfect" has fear. When LeBron James stands at the free throw line staring down that hoop in the last seconds of a tied championship game, he has big time fear. So, take heart. You and King James can high five with a tribe of 7.2 billion members.


Fear can be like a schoolyard bully, making you feel small and powerless. But instead of stealing your lunch money, it stifles your pride, your confidence, and your luminous energy. Fear can throw you in an emotional gym locker and keep you trapped for years. The only way to stop the ongoing torture is to confront it. By facing your fear, you take your life back and gain the chutzpah to stand down every other bullying worry that's ever denied you your joy and bliss.

The ability to make peace with your fear is always within you. When fear is managed, you are free to live the truest expression the Divine created you to be. Your deepest darkest fears are much less menacing when they're bathed in the beautiful, radiant light of your authentic soul signature.