08/19/2014 10:22 pm ET Updated Oct 19, 2014

The Power of Possibility

Whether in relationships, jobs, friendships or everyday life, you've got a place that you can navigate with confidence. It's called your comfort zone.

Your comfort zone is like a cocoon that insulates you from painful experiences, wounds and disappointments. Your cocoon may have been created out of lack and scarcity, or an impulse to maintain the status quo or fear of failure. It's not the best place for your overall growth or happiness, but there are no surprises, and you can remain immersed in the illusion of security.

However, you were born to live a much greater life. Maintaining the norm or staying emotionally confined and isolated was never the goal. Whether you are striving, surviving or thriving, there is always more waiting for you. That is the universal principle of abundance, and it's what you were born to live and demonstrate every day of your life.

There comes a time when you feel the vibration of a new life awakening and expanding -- when you have the burning desire to peek through a crack in your chrysalis and see the world and its possibilities in a whole new light. That desire is your soul signature - your true expression in the world -- longing to spread its wings and break free. It's the voice inside that tells you that all you've ever wanted can be yours.

How does a life of possibility take flight? No matter where you are in life or how bleak things may seem, the goodness as well as the strife brought you to this point. Moving into abundance means counting your blessings -- even the events, people or afflictions that don't look like blessings. When you can vibrate on that level of all-inclusive gratitude, you're plugged into a greater frequency of spirit and potential and your ability to receive more takes off.

Ascension to an expanded way of life takes your full participation. A butterfly does not expect the wind simply to carry it to the flowers. Instead of feeling victimized by what you've experienced, you must start fluttering your wings. Take actions that move you onto a productive path so you can be in harmony and alignment with your limitless potential and your authentic soul signature.

You are on the precipice of something greater. Be fully available and present for all that is unfolding and open to the true power of possibility. Start fresh and have the courage to break out of your comfortable cocoon. Fly confidently toward the unknown and soar into the life you were born for. Where your comfort zone ends, your authentic, abundant life begins.