11/12/2012 03:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Best Clubs in Paris

There are millions of things to do in Paris. The city blossoms with art and history, exudes sophistication and is the most fashionable place on the planet, but just like the boarding school socialite arriving for her first year in college, the city does have a wild side.

The bars might close at 2 a.m., but a diverse club scene keeps Paris alive and kicking long into the night. And it isn't all just upscale exclusivity where you need to be Scarlett Johansson to get past the door -- although being Scarlett Johansson never hurts. Clubs in Paris range from opulent to trendy to hard-hitting musical craziness, and below are our three favorites for every clubber's taste.

Club Silencio


Club Silencio may be the most exclusive club in Paris, and for good reason. The members-only high-end nightclub in Les Halles is a total reflection of the eccentric mind of its creator, movie director David Lynch. The doors open to the "public" post midnight, and those lucky enough to make it past the long lines and the stringent eyes of the bouncers (hint: be a famous writer/actor/director/painter) descend half a dozen flights into the unworldly club that doubles as an art exhibition of interior design at its finest. The arched ceilings and enclosed walls in the extensive bunker make the five distinct rooms feel like a gold-leafed maze of tunnels underneath a foreign planet. Talk to an Oscar-winning producer at the bar over cocktails and then make your way to the main stage where A-list DJs spin for the jetsetters looking to show some moves.

Favela Chic


Those looking to skip the hassle of impressing bouncers and having their toes stepped on in long lines should head to Favela Chic, a hip dance spot that brings the Brazilian Carnival to Paris. Hidden away down an alley in the Bastille district with no exterior display except for a glowing top hat, the interior is an unpretentious and energetic mix of international youngsters getting rowdy to the Latin beats. The booze flies off the shelf as the night heats up into a hot and sweaty dance party that's always packed with fun-loving hipsters and travelers. This isn't the place for a quiet night out, so put on your favorite shoes and zumba your way over to Favela Chic.

Social Club


It's social, it's a club and it brings in the best DJs and live performers in the city! What more could a music-loving clubber ask for? The cool interior is like the setting from one of those old sci-fi movies that takes place in the future -- an ultra-modern décor that still feels retro. Black walls and black couches surround the main highlight of Social Club: the DJ stage and spacious dance floor. An impressive lighting system with LEDs and neon spotlights spinning and flashing from the rafters sets the mood for the hectic music-lovers ready to jump and dance. With bottle service lounge areas, a mod-ish décor and accessible door policy, Social Club is perfect for those looking for a trendy spot with great music and without the snobbery.

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