05/21/2013 02:25 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How to Tackle New York City This Summer -- On a Budget

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Summer time is steadily approaching; it is time for bikinis, beer, and best of all, travel. For some people summer means a break from school, and for others, it's an excuse for an extended vacation from work. Regardless, it is the most highly anticipated season of the year. If you make your way to The Big Apple and are looking to find some things to do in NYC without breaking the bank, we've got the best itinerary for you. From shopping, to concerts, drinking and food, explore New York on a budget this summer.



From bubble teas, to shopping, bustling streets full of locals and tourists alike, shopping provides a unique experience for the budget traveler looking for things to do in Chinatown. Fish and vegetable markets scatter throughout the streets, full of mesmerizing Chinese architecture and gold signs in Hanzi characters. Dozens of eateries are present, as well as acupuncture centers and massage parlors.

The High Line


Strolling along The High Line provides the adventurer an intimate experience with one of the most worldly recognized parks. Transformed into an urban park from an overgrown set of elevated railroad tracks, it has become a park that is famous for its artisan presence and breathtaking views. Food trucks surround the park, offering cheap alternatives to expensive sit down restaurants. Grab some food and rest your legs at a bench, enjoy the majestic and natural beautiful of the various kinds of plants, flowers, and grasses in bloom.

Central Park


SummerStage NYC is a large concert series hosted by the City Parks Foundation that brings more than 100 performances to various parks across New York. The perfect place to enjoy a picnic ample with wine, beer, and food, the performances include artists of all genres. The majority of the shows are free, with the exception of big concerts which tend to fall in the $50 range. Concerts in Central Park during the Summer can be a free way to enjoy good music, good company and the great outdoors of NYC.

Blind Tiger Ale House


If you're a budget-conscious beer lover looking to find some local taverns, the Blind Tiger Ale House is the spot to dive into. With twenty-eight beers on tap, countless bottled brews, and a hip crowd of young professionals, Tiger Ale makes it easy to get your buzz on in a wallet friendly manner. The bartenders are not only incredibly knowledgeable on the brews, but they'll allow you to sample. Don't be shy, take advantage of the all day happy hour and enjoy the ambiance of this local hot spot.

Sunburnt Cow


The bottomless brunch party at the Sunburnt Cow, is a belly-busting opportunity to not only keep your budget in check, but to expand your waistline. The massive bar serves up some delicious moo-jitos and moo-tinis that will get you easily buzzed and amused by the preppy student, single, and young professional-filled environment. Manned by ball-busting, hard-drinking Aussies, you're destined for a good time and a not so great hangover.

By Lauren Aardema, Party Earth writer.

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