03/09/2007 05:54 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Curb Your Guilt a.k.a Larry David, P.I., A New Series

Just yesterday, I heard that a man who had been imprisoned for over five months for murder, and who insisted he was at Dodger Stadium with his family at the time of the tragedy was exonerated because they had finally found evidence of his alibi through an image which placed him at the ballpark, just as he had claimed all along.

The thing is, he was set free not by pictures taken by news agencies, nor by Google Earth but because Curb Your Enthusiasm was shooting at the stadium and they found him in the outs!

If you didn't believe in cosmic convergence before this, there is no way not to after today.

As it happens, I have become extremely familiar with the Curb Your Enthusiasm shooting schedule because their favored location turns out to be a house very close to where I jog most days and they park their cars and the star wagons all around my route. I once saw Larry David coming out of a trailer but it was early in the morning and he did not look at all like in a couple of minutes he was going to be one of the funniest people on air though I believe he was merely getting into character. Surely he has to practice his deadpan expressions which can be as aerobic and calorie busting as the rest of us doing more mundane things like a couple of laps around the golf course.

But now that he, or certainly his producers and editors, have become the new, de facto Innocence Project, I would like to nominate them for their own special Oscar which hopefully will help him feel a little bit more equal to his wife who did in fact get one last week. I know Larry must have been happy for her, even though when the cameras cut to him he was just practicing that deadpan bit again which, as I mentioned, if he doesn't work on constantly, could easily sabotage his character and torpedo the ratings.

But it turns out we don't need Google Earth or all those expensive satellites or even the LAPD if we have Curb in LA. Just think of all the other places they have been (and the images they have captured) at landmarks all over the city. Pretty soon, the FBI is going to be combing their vaults for evidence for all kinds of crimes and misdemeanors, some of which will probably get people into trouble instead of getting them off. Or they're going to ask Curb to set up offices in every city especially since this week a new study showed that after years of decline, the crime rate in cities is going back up. ( Is this why the Giuliani poll numbers are up too?)

Why, Larry may very possibly be getting a call from the President over the weekend asking him to become a leader of the covert surveillance teams that have not been getting nearly as good press as Larry's crew.

But really, I love this story for all kinds of reasons. Besides being magical, it puts a lovely face on the below the line crew members who work hard without recognition but are usually the heroes of every shoot. It turns a man famous for being a selfish curmudgeon into a munificent do-gooder. And it makes the bloody carnage in Iraq this week, and the story of the fired prosecutors and the Libby trial and verdict recede just the tiniest little bit.

Thank you, Larry.