08/17/2012 12:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Fighting Poverty: Where Do You Start?

Have you ever thought about what is being done about poverty? Both domestically and globally? Or wanted to help, but didn't know where to start? Me too.

Traveling to Haiti after the devastating earthquake revealed some disturbing but also inspiring images. I saw the destruction that this natural phenomenon left in its path. I saw the suffering and terror that has filled the country's people. But I also witnessed hope and action. An organization based in Evanston, Illinois called the Haitian Congress invited me down there to observe and help. I got to see first-hand how the world responds to disasters such as this. It left me with many questions.

This blog post is about not only my trip to Haiti, but also an organization called RESULTS. RESULTS provides solutions to some of the worlds most poverty stricken countries. In partnership with BRAC, they sent me to Bangladesh to learn about solutions being provided to some of the world's poorest people. These solutions are sustainable. The poverty of the world can be eliminated by organizations like these...

Where does one start? I can only suggest starting locally. For me, everything starts locally and then if you are comfortable and it's a fit, keep it going. If we all just take a look around, there are little things that need to be done right around us...

Interested in learning about RESULTS in the Chicago area?

Come to an event at Zocalo Restaurant on August 26th 3-5pm (358 w. Ontario Street Chicago, Illinois)