04/03/2012 12:29 pm ET Updated Jun 03, 2012

Paul Ryan's Outrageous -- and Hypocritical -- Insults of the American People

If Paul Ryan (R-WI) were the CEO of a publicly-traded corporation, he would be liable for criminal prosecution for committing "fraud-on-the-market," which his budget represents. It makes one wonder why we do not hold our public officials at least to the same standards as CEOs.

But, that is not even Ryan's most egregious act.

Accompanying the release of his budget, he insulted the American people, referring to us as a nation based on "dependency," and that he and his Republican colleagues, are here to save the soul of the nation.

Ryan is telling seniors who have spent their lives toiling and contributing to Social Security and Medicare, and building their families and communities, that they should feel ashamed, somehow, for collecting what is due to them.

Ryan is telling your children and their parents who are struggling to get a world-class education so they can compete with their foreign counterparts that they should be ashamed of being "dependents."

This coward, who never volunteered for wars he voted for, is telling veterans who risked, and sometimes lost their lives and limbs for this country, that their benefits make them parasites.

Outrageous insults of the American people ... and totally hypocritical.

Want to know how Paul Ryan had enough money to go to college? You guessed it -- social security. His father died an untimely death when Ryan was 16, and he used his father's social security benefits to help pay for college. Although I am sorry Ryan had to suffer such a personal loss at such a young age, he would, if allowed, deny others the safety net that helped rescue his situation.

This hypocrite is also the beneficiary of a taxpayer-funded gymnasium, taxpayer-provided health benefits and a very generous taxpayer-funded pension. Yet, he has the audacity to limit the amount the federal government will pay to you and me to support our health care and to limit social security cost-of-living increases.

It is difficult to determine whether Ryan's hypocrisy out does his outrageous insults, or the outrageous insults to our parents, our children, our veterans, our fellow-citizens, our nation as a whole constitutes his most arrogant and egregious behavior.

In America, when public officials insult us, we throw them out of office. (Rob Zerban, the Democratic candidate in Ryan's district, is poised to do just that).

Once he is booted from office, any bets on whether Ryan becomes our dependent, accepting his taxpayer-funded pension?