02/22/2013 04:45 pm ET Updated Apr 24, 2013

Repeal It: Proof for Republicans That Sequester Was "Obama's Idea"

Although Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) asserted that he got "98 percent of what he wanted" in the budget control act, apparently that extra 2 percent was the sequester, because Republicans are trying to run away from it faster than stink on you-know-what.

Note also the delicious irony. By (falsely) claiming that President Obama was responsible for these budget cuts, Republicans are crediting him with cutting the budget, precisely the opposite of what they have (falsely) been claiming now for four years, that he is a "big spender."

Note another piece of delicious irony. By "blaming" the president for budget-cutting, Republicans are admitting that austerity, which they have championed, is really a very bad idea.

My Missouri mother imparted a heavy dose of always telling the truth, often coupled with the observation that, if one tells the truth, it is much simpler because one does not have to remember the precise lie one told.

Republicans are demonstrating the truth of that Midwestern value. They are now so entangled in their own lies and subterfuge, they cannot extricate themselves from their own morass. Every new statement contradicts the last few. It brings to mind "W" choking on a pretzel.

They have one chance now to wipe this slate clean: repeal the sequester. They can then go back to their simpler lie of blaming the president for "too much" spending, and claim they had to do repeal the "president's sequester" to save the military since the president was being obstinate.

The president should not sign that bill unless it were coupled with a debt-ceiling extension through the 2014 elections (at least). For the Republicans, it would be best to get all of what they consider "bad news" behind them in one shot.

Then, they go back to their districts (after all, Speaker Boehner does not want the poor sots working more than 126 days per year) and yap about the big-spending Democrats as a way of winning re-election.

And, their cycle of lies can begin anew.