10/03/2012 02:47 pm ET Updated Dec 03, 2012

Romney to Launch "Stealth" Campaign Tonight: Lie at the Debate, Backtrack in Quiet Rooms

In case no one has noticed, Mitt Romney has floated a few trial balloons recently that, earlier in the campaign, would have provoked apoplexy on the right.

For now, they are silent. Message: It is OK for Mitt to lie about his intentions between now and November 6.

Although Chris Christie (R-NJ) has been panned for declaring this the launch of the Romney campaign, it is likely he is correct, and his only "sin" was revealing the secret.

Here are the numbers: Romney will have an audience of 40-50 million people tonight. So, he will lie, dissemble, and hide the truth. Tomorrow, in quiet rooms, he will backtrack.

The "stealth" campaign will arrive tonight.

It would be a mistake for the President to remain silent, watching chicanery unfold before his eyes. If I were the President, I would call Romney out on it--in front of 40-50 million people--not by labeling him a liar outright, but by suggesting that the American people judge what they are hearing now, against 4 years of Republican rhetoric, what the Republicans have actually passed in Congress since 2010, and against the last year of Romney's positions

Then he can turn the issue into, "whom can you really trust?"

The winner in November will be the person the voters trust.