03/09/2011 09:20 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

WI Dem Senators Should Stay in Illinois: Republicans Must Repeal the Law They Just Passed

Although the Republicans believe they have scored a coup d'etats by passing the collective bargaining piece without the budget-requiring quorum, there really is nothing new that has happened in the balance of power.

The deal has always been: accept the public-sector financial concessions in exchange for no change in the collective bargaining rights.

Democrats can remain holdouts for that deal. Republicans would have to repeal what they passed, not much different than agreeing to the compromise before they passed it. In fact, they can make repeal a precondition to returning.

So, Wisconsin Democratic Senators: you have done your State and the nation a major service.

There is nothing that happened that changes the equation, or your ability to get what you have been fighting for.

Stay the course.