08/18/2010 11:21 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

It's Time To Reform The Senate

As I travel across the Granite State on this campaign, there seems to be one thing the people of New Hampshire can agree on - Washington is broken. It doesn't matter if you're a Republican, Democrat or Independent. You've seen exactly what I see down there: a system that is simply not serving the needs of our middle-class families and small businesses any more. A system that has become rigged against the people it's supposed to support.

That's why yesterday I announced my proposals to change the Senate rules to increase accountability and break the partisan gridlock in Washington. Right now, Washington Republicans in the Senate are blocking a vote on a critical bill that will provide tax cuts and increased credit to New Hampshire's small businesses. My plan calls for an end to anonymous holds and gradually lowering the threshold needed to end debate and hold an up or down vote on Senate bills.

I know that New Hampshire's small businesses are going to lead our economic recovery, but Washington is making it tougher, and the people of this state are telling me every day how frustrated they are. Right now, the Washington Republicans backing Kelly Ayotte's campaign are filibustering a bill that will cut taxes and increase credit for our small businesses so they can create jobs for middle-class families. Why should they be able to use partisan tactics and arcane rules to obstruct progress time after time? I'm sick of it and the people I've been speaking to across New Hampshire are sick of it too.

I believe the days when a single Senator can remain anonymous while blocking help for the middle class must come to an end. There should be no more anonymous holds by either party. I also support Senator Jeanne Shaheen's plan to lower the threshold to end debate, ensuring that the American people get an up or down vote on the tough issues that matter to middle-class families.

The Republicans in Washington are playing political games with all our futures. It's time to stop them. Let's join together to get Washington working for our small businesses so they can create jobs for the people of New Hampshire.

(Cross-posted at Blue Hampshire)