11/02/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Palin's Great Achievement: She Didn't Stink Up the Joint

Well that was fun.

It's sad that "Hey, she didn't stink up the joint" is considered a great achievement.

Gov. Palin was certainly well-prepped and spookily confident on her feet. And when she needed them, she had more than enough down-home, "aw shucks" hockey-mom-isms to get off the ropes.

"I guess I'm really not a Washington insider... I just don't know how y'all work.. y'say one thing and then do another."

Really, Sarah? Cuz' it kind of looks like you got it down pretty good.

I thought Biden was fantastic. He's obviously more than qualified to be vice president. And president. And more than several hundred times more qualified than his opponent.

I thought he was clear, passionate, accessible, real... I can't think of anything I wish he had done better.

I thought the moment where Senator Biden talked about the death of his wife and child, and raising his sons himself was tremendously moving and genuine. It was a bold -- and very relevant -- point to make; that just because she's a mom and drives a van to soccer games doesn't mean she's cornered the market on real life. I thought he was superb.

So everyone who was inclined to like Palin will like her more. Everyone who was prepared to like Biden likes him more.

Aren't we blessed to have so many likeable people running for office? Now let's get serious, get Obama/Biden in the White House and get to work.

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