10/23/2012 04:51 pm ET Updated Dec 23, 2012

Vote Yes on 2

The unification of people around a single purpose is a powerful force in a society that promotes democracy and individualism. It is an act where people put aside their egotistical goals, and join in as a member for a cause to benefit all. Since the beginning of civilization, human beings have collected in ways to make life easier, freer and more prosperous. People unite against tyranny, unequal treatment, or for the advancement of a common humanitarian value. Collective bargaining is a natural advancement of the modern person, which allows for the progression of ideal causes through pragmatic agendas. It is not a means to an end for power, but a means that connects people with those who govern and those who decide the fate of economic realities.

Year after year, our form of government creates assemblies to collectively vote on the way society should run itself. This power is vested in the people given to the elected; it is the populous that is the sovereign power of which this nation was founded and thrives upon. The idea that one would actively limit people from collective political action moves against the very will and nature of democracy. Political parties collect themselves in massive conventions where they hope to elect the next leader of the free world. The civil rights movement was not a lone drummer on a street corner, but a collection of individuals for a higher cause.

In business, companies seek to collectively benefit themselves, and rightly so. Through partnerships, contracts, and associations businesses come together to support each other, help each other grow, and make their collective voice heard. Some examples are The National Restaurant Association, NCBA, National Retail Federation, and NFIB all of which promote their causes to the government. If businesses are able to do this, then why can't employees do this as well? Democratic ideals are more than just a way to run a government, they are cultural mandates that demand we come together in order to form a more perfect society.

Proposal 2 is not on the Michigan ballot as a power grab by any one small group. Proposal 2 is the right for people to exercise their democratic duty by activity participating in the decisions that affect the daily lives of the populous. The very act of unionization spreads out the decision making process to its members. Without collective bargaining present, everyday people are subject to the whims and intentions of the few in control of the legal process, the business economy and those who seek to yield change from a sole perspective. The state's constitution must reflect the needs and desires of people to have a voice, or else what is its purpose?

It is beyond law because collective bargaining should be the right in which laws are formed from. Collective democracy is inherent in the values and the fundamental rights of this very land. It must be stated openly, overtly and without prejudice so the will of the sovereign is not only heard, but enacted. It must be placed in the state constitution by the people. A constitution that was written in 1963 and amended over 30 times since. The constitution is by the people and for the people to change toward the more perfect society every citizen desires. Voting yes on 2 is standing up for the naturally free function of American society.