10/16/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Fantasy Football Widows Fight Back

Allison Lodish is a woman with a sense of humor, a big football fan, a mother of two daughters and a loving wife. But she has had enough of sending a search party out to find her husband while he plays fantasy sports to her opinion.

She did something about it. She founded Women Against Fantasy Sports a website with a purpose: give all fantasy widows a place to complain, get support from others like them and potentially "out" the fantasy fanatic in their life.

Allison is selling merchandise with the WAFS logo on it and the biggest selling item: bikini panties! As you can see, she is not anti-men and certainly not anti-sexy. She is just tired of hearing about her husband's fantasy dilemmas or sending him off to get her a drink at parties and 10 minutes later finding him on the host's computer checking on the injury reports and trade rumors.

Allison isn't interested in learning to play fantasy sports so she can join in. She likes the real thing either in the stadium or on the TV screen. She grew up in a home of 49'er fans and has remained one to this day. She is that special kind of wife who understands the need for football on Sunday or Monday and makes food for the occasion as well as dresses up in her team's gear.

But she was fed up and found two other people to help her form her ironic yet biting venture. One of her partners is a man who wanted to use the business as his way to break a bad fantasy habit. He succeeded in staying away for a while but has fallen off the wagon; and yet, Allison hasn't kicked him off the letterhead. She's not a hater, she's a lover but one that won't put up with being ignored and bored 12 months a year.

Check out the site and contribute your two cents whether you're a fantasy player or fantasy widow. And guys: if you are in danger of your lady outing you on the WAFS site, be proactive and buy her a pair of those might keep the cold shoulder away for a day or so even though the slogan is "Closed for the Fantasy Season".