01/16/2017 01:09 am ET Updated Jan 16, 2018

The Honored And Honorable John Lewis

Gary Cameron / Reuters

Keeping my fury in check, let me simply say this.

John Lewis is my representative in the United States Congress. I've known and worked with many political figures in my life. As I do not know Pres. Obama personally, John Lewis is the finest example of what a person who represents me and my community should be. He has devoted his life to improving the lives of us ALL. He is fearless. He cannot be bought. He is not a racist. His values are rock-solid. AND, he is a genuine, authentic, certified HERO.

Donald Trump is none of the above.

For him to publicly and stupidly attempt to insult Rep. Lewis on the eve of our national celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the achievements he's come to represent is beyond parody and beneath contempt.

Dr. King acknowledged the importance of those whom David Halberstam characterized as The Children (of whom John Lewis was one) for repeatedly putting their lives on the line for JUSTICE. As Dr. King said, "Until all are free, none are free. ... Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

John Lewis represents me and all Americans. Donald Trump represents himself.