01/25/2013 06:56 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Giving Booze the Finger


My finger and I got smashed Saturday night.

Because I still love to hear live music, I dragged my husband to Bimbo's in San Francisco to see the obscure indie band Pinback. It's a great place to see a show, and if you're lucky, a great place to see Dolphina, the girl in the fishbowl.

Holding gloved hands, we walked to North Beach and grabbed Sushi and Sake at Katsu before heading into Bimbos. Once inside, I ordered a giant rum and diet coke at the bar and proceeded to get drunk for the first time in three years. My currently clean middle-aged body is just not used to much alcohol, especially when mixed with Lexapro and raw fish.

We leave the show early for obvious reasons and cab it home. Though tipsy and a tad nauseous, I am happy. Until I slam my finger in the car door. My Rothco fingerless gloves leave just enough skin vulnerable to a door attack.

God it hurt. Still does. I can barely type, wash my hair, pick my nose (just checking), do anything involving my right index finger.

So now I'm on the hunt for a new pair of gloves that will provide me with full coverage and protect my damaged digit. And I want them to be dramatic and showy, opposite my utilitarian olive drab every-day pair.

For those who want to try new "fashion" things but may be shy about going too far, gloves are a great place to experiment: they are less expensive than jackets, shoes, bags and most everything else, and take up very little body space as to not beg for too much attention, thus not a huge fashion "risk." By all means, take baby steps with the hands. A great pair of gloves in a new style may give you the confidence you need to continue up the arm to tops and jackets and back down to pants and skirts and shoes and other areas of expression. Maybe even in your life.

Time to go ice the finger.

1: KTZ gloves, 2: Bless shaggy knit gloves, 3: Kate Spade leather dot gloves, 4: Persephoni Cuff Gloves, 5: Pieces Huan mittens, 6: Rare London faux fur mittens,