01/15/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Biden and Obama: The Dogs Also Bark

Now I read that Biden is getting into the act by buying a dog. Why am I not surprised? Even before Obama and Biden announced their families puppy plans, there was mounting evidence that everything was going to the dogs with almost constant canine coverage. Make no bones about it, dogs are all over the place --not just in politics but in movies, ads, news stories and books.

I've been especially interested in this because a book I wrote more than 10 years ago, "277 Secrets Your Dog Wants You To Know," has had a resurgence in sales, reflecting this increase in interest in our four-legged best friends.

Given the popularity of dog in the titles, when the Obamas finally get that "big rambunctious dog" (be careful what you wish for, Barack) you can be sure all pup titles will break loose. Dogs might get the upper paw and popular books could be reissued with titles like....

Eat, Love, Pray, Walk the Dog.

The Dog Who Came In From the Cold

Wings of Beagles

War and Pekginese

All I Need to Know I Learned from my Dog

What to Expect When Your Dog is Expecting

South Bitch Diet

Infinite Pest: When My Dog Wants to Go Out (and I don't)