06/16/2014 12:16 pm ET Updated Aug 16, 2014

Voxx: A Tarot Specialist Describes Her Work

The International Tarot Certification Board named Voxx Voltaire a Tarot Certified Grand Master Supreme.

What do you do that makes clients trust you?
First, I do not advertise. I feel the universe sends me the people I am meant to meet. Most people contact me because I've been recommended by someone they trust. Also, I only require the person's first name and last initial. This eases the client's mind, knowing they haven't been "Googled." They sense that the psychic reading comes from a real place.

Has your gift helped you or those close to you?
Being clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient has even saved my life, and loved ones. My Spirit Guide "told" me to break up with a boyfriend, which I did. He was killed in a car accident a month later. I also had a vision that my eldest sister was in danger of being killed by her boyfriend. She kicked him out, and he returned to town a few months later, killing another woman and her young son.

Do you do crime psychic work?
I used to, but I don't enjoy it. Even though I helped exonerate a man unjustly accused of homicide and solved another case. However, the judge let the murderer go free, and he's still out there. He killed an entire family and got away with it. Doing crime work is terribly sad. I dislike seeing visions of dead children, however they died.

How old were you when your abilities began to be apparent?
At three years old, I could sense what people would say and do beforehand. I began studying astrology and tarot at seven. At that age, I accurately predicted the pregnancy of a family friend, who did not know she was pregnant. I also predicted the gender of her future baby. Soon, I began seriously studying metaphysics and the occult. I learned to interpret dreams, omens and signs. At 12 years old, a family friend said she'd bought an astrology chart, but didn't understand it. I interpreted it, and she paid me $100. I've been reading tarot and doing astrology for others since

Describe your favorite case.
In 1997, I was psychically visited by the spirit of the young rock star, Jeff Buckley. He had recently drowned in a Memphis River, and his body was missing for 10 days. In a vision, his spirit showed me what had happened. I sent this info to his family, and his mother verified the accuracy of my vision. Jeff 's spirit also told me his exact date and time of birth, so I could do his astrology chart, Info his mother later confirmed that no one else had known. My favorite celebrity matchmaking case was the marriage of Peter Fonda to one of my clients.

You seem to have many gifts. Describe how you work.
I use a combination of psychic skills with the mastery of astrology, numerology, tarot and trance mediumship. I get info from the 72 angels of the Qabalah, and channel angels and spirits. I do automatic writing on a computer, with my eyes closed, typing 150 wpm. I also write books, screenplays, music and poetry.

Your predictions have gotten you on some major shows. What were

I've successfully predicted every president since 1980. Years ago, on The Tonight Show I correctly predicted the next two presidents, (Clinton and Bush), and their double terms. I appeared on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, predicting various winning football teams, plus the fact that Jimmy wouldn't be marrying his then-fiancée -- totally right on. I appeared on the BBC, publicly channeling the spirit of the late pop star, Michael Jackson. My most famous, documented prediction was the Japanese tsunami, March 11th, 2011, which I accurately predicted three days earlier on my psychic blog.

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