11/29/2009 11:16 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Pattern Interruption Blog

This is a short-attention-span/pattern-interruption post for the minds on the go. Simple format: five pattern-interruption thoughts to, perhaps, further shorten your already short attention span downright to... now.

Here we go:

1. Love is the ultimate bias.

2. Whenever your nervous system learns all of the known false alarms, you will know bliss.

3. Time isn't money. Time is consciousness.

4. If you've been stupified, you've been enlightened. Congratulations!

5. Attention-seeking is the psychic equivalent of the centrifugal. Ego is a force. Step aside.

Be awake. Be well. Be you.

Pavel Somov, Ph.D. is the author of "Eating the Moment" (New Harbinger, 2008), "Present Perfect" (NH, 2010), and "The Lotus Effect" (NH, 2010). He is in private practice in Pittsburgh, PA. For more information visit and sign up for Pavel Somov's monthly "Mindful-not-Mouthful" Newsletter