07/16/2014 01:49 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

"Failure is Never Quite So Frightening as Regret."

2014-07-16-adventure.jpgThis telling quote is from the Dish, the film about man's first steps on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission.

Scientist Cliff Buxton, played by Sam Neill, said his late wife encouraged him with quotes like this one.

I love this take on regret because it makes you want to shoot for the moon, and that's precisely what my friends are going to do.

She and her husband, in their forties, have decided to travel through Indonesia to find the perfect spot to plant their roots.

They don't want to wait until they retire, because they might not be healthy enough to make the trip.

Mind you, this is not an independently wealthy couple. They're just adventuresome and hell-bent on living a regret-free life.

My friends know they will have to be quick on their feet so they have several ideas for businesses they could start. They don't want to set anything in stone because they believe the right opportunity will find them.

Now this is courage, the antithesis of regret.

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