05/10/2014 10:28 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Gratitude for this Small-Framed Hero

Sophia was five-years-old when she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. For the uninitiated Type 2 Diabetes is what 90 percent of the people have and it has to do with lifestyle, diet and exercise. But Type 1 Diabetes is rare -- an autoimmune disease that Sophia won't grow out of unless there's a cure.

Sophia wears an insulin pump and her parents count the carbohydrates she eats. She is monitored around the clock to make sure she's okay.

Can you imagine being diagnosed with this type of disease at age five and having to endure this kind of regimen?

Sophia doesn't complain, even though she has earned the right to for sheer sleep-deprivation alone.

Some of us have bodies that work like well-oiled machines, while others of us really struggle in our bodies.

I'm grateful for this small-framed hero who is teaching us all how to be more heroic.

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