08/18/2014 01:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The 1 Minute Blog. Befriend Anger.

2014-08-18-anger.jpgThe shame of anger makes it the enemy.

Befriend it? Unthinkable.

But that's exactly what a woman named Madeline decided to do, after years of repressing anger.

Her counselor reminded her that anger saved her life, when she was a child in an abusive home. For that reason, why not make peace with it?

Suddenly the beast of anger began to look less menacing to Madeline. Now she lets the current of anger run through her without deeming herself a criminal.

She no longer considers a fit of anger a setback, or believes she's "un-evolved" for feeling rage. In fact, she now sees anger as a respectable emotion, and one that deserves air time.

The trick Madeline learned, is to detonate anger before it can be used as ammunition. This means letting rage run its course in a safe way. To her credit, she hasn't set off any bombs.

I'm grateful for Madeline's epiphany, particularly in light of the rage that continues in Ferguson, Mo.

Anger is not the enemy. We all just need to learn how to detonate it.

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