05/10/2014 10:30 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Marathon of Gratitude

It takes endurance to be grateful because anything can throw you off course - a speeding ticket, a taxing work week, the flu.

But here's the upside of going the distance and making a day-to-day commitment to live with a mindset of gratitude: You develop unflappable gratitude. After training yourself daily to choose gratitude over complaint, it comes more easily to see things positively and eventually you become gratitude fit.

This is crucial when serious obstacles hit ... take cancer, for instance. If you're gratitude fit, you'll not only determine to overcome the cancer, but you'll also likely see the hidden benefit of the illness. Perhaps you'll be grateful to have caught it early or perhaps you'll see the illness as a means to inspire others to safeguard their heath.

Whatever the obstacle, you'll be able to overcome it with grace if you're gratitude fit. So muscle up on gratitude. Make it a daily practice and go the distance.

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