08/05/2014 04:06 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The One Minute Blog: Ebola Cure?

2014-08-05-microscope.jpgThe outbreak of Ebola in West Africa set off a panic. It's not surprising. The symptoms are alarming, with internal and external bleeding the most horrific.

And yet, amid the panic, there is hope. An experimental drug, never tried on a human being before, was given to the two U.S. infected aids workers. Their condition vastly improved.

This "secret serum" -- known as ZMapp -- is being called a miracle cure. It has shown encouraging signs in pre-clinical trials on monkeys. Expect it to lead the way in treatment for the infected.

The Ebola outbreak has as many plot twists as "The Last Ship," the popular TNT Drama. In the series the world is suffering from a pandemic, and one of the main characters, Dr. Scott, is trying to create a vaccine with clinical trials on monkeys. Hope is what gives the crew strength to endure.

Ebola would be far more daunting if we didn't have hope. Now we have a better chance at a full-fledged cure.

The news will always chase the action. Cameras are poised on the ground troops deployed to quarantine communities in West Africa. Others are filming the hot debate over welcoming the infected on American turf.

But the most uplifting footage is on the serum. No matter where the cameras roam, let's keep our focus on hope.

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