03/17/2015 04:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Holy Crap, You're 10

Holy crap you're 10
Where did the time go

Double digits are here
As you continue to grow

A baby to a little girl
Now a girl on her way

I don't know when it happened
It seems like yesterday

When I held you the first time
I wondered if I was ready

Could I be a good parent
I learned slow and steady

As you took your first steps
And said your first letters

A little mind unlocked
And it's only gotten better

You're a bookworm at home
And a whiz kid at school

Not afraid to be unpopular
But still totally cool

You're a sister and a good one
Even when you guys fight

I know you love her a lot
Love her with all your might

I'm proud of what you've done
All around for what it's worth

You've become a good citizen
A steward of planet Earth

Still I know trouble lies ahead
As you go from tween to teen

We'll get through it together
Mom, dad, even if we're mean

You know we love you
And we just want what's best

Tell your boyfriends beware
And we'll take care of the rest

Have a great tenth birthday
This is my wish for you

To be happy and healthy and
That your wishes come true

You're our daughter forever
We just thought you should know

Holy crap you're ten
Where did the time go

For Alicia

Love, Dad

March 2015


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