02/05/2013 12:46 pm ET Updated Apr 07, 2013

Dadmissions: The Mega-Tantrum

It happens in an instant. Often, it comes without warning. It can be more dramatic than a flash flood, more dangerous than an F5 tornado, more unpredictable than the most devastating storm. When the mega-tantrum comes, you better watch out. Mega means really big. Tantrum means tantrum. Put the two words together, and scientists have a really big tantrum, what they call a mega-tantrum. We're talking about the tantrums that are so bad, you question whether having kids was really a good idea in the first place. We're talking about tantrums where you expect the kid's head to spin around and spit pea soup like Linda Blair because at least THAT might explain such awful behavior.

The mega-tantrum can precipitate out of nowhere. Perhaps like other storms, the atmosphere has to be just right in the first place to set off such a chain of events. It could be a tired kid. It could be a kid not feeling well. Or it could just be that kid with absolutely no rhyme or reason. But that final straw can be something as simple as not being able to finish a favorite cartoon -- hypothetically. The mega-tantrum takes hold, limbs start flailing, stuff starts flying, deep sobbing ensues -- hypothetically, of course. In some cases, time outs might be appropriate... for YOU and/or the child. In some cases, punishments like taking away toys might be appropriate. But, as in all storms, it is best for people in the eye of the storm, in this case parents, to seek shelter, cover your heads and mid-section and wait for the storm to pass. You hear the crashing sounds, you see the lightning, you pray it ends soon and you wait for the sound of quiet and any signal that it's all over. That's all we can do. Things always get better when the storm passes. And as with all disasters, you then look back at the signs and see what could have been done differently. The only difference between a natural disaster and your kids is that you don't talk it out with a natural disaster afterwards. When it's gone it's gone. But the kids are still your responsibility, so talk it out. And once everything is all unicorns and rainbows again with your kid, usually in just a matter of minutes, just remember to always be on the lookout for the mega-tantrum. Yes, there are some out there who say "Nope, not my kids... They're angels."

Well, then you're lying and we know it!