04/25/2013 11:15 am ET Updated Jun 24, 2013

Slow Art Day

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Saturday, April 27 is Slow Art Day, an international celebration of taking the time to look at art works in a more prolonged and demanding way. There are currently more than 250 venues at museums and galleries throughout the world, where Slow Art Day hosts will invite groups of enthusiasts to participate in the event. Typically, a Slow Art Day event will ask participants to spend ten of fifteen minutes in the contemplation of each of four or five selected art works, and then to join the host for lunch or a cup of coffee, and discussion of the experience.

For those who habitually spend just a few seconds with an art work in a museum or gallery, and then devote more time than that to the adjacent wall label, the Slow Art Day experience offers an opportunity to slow down and pay attention in a way that proves genuinely rewarding. I myself will be hosting one of the events (in Laguna Beach, California), and invite readers to consult with the Slow Art Day website and attend a session in their area. It's all free, and I can promise great rewards.