06/24/2015 10:03 am ET Updated Jun 24, 2016

Clinton Speaks From Her Heart and Connects With People

It is clear to many Democrats the time is now to rally around the one candidate who combines a lifetime of work for progressive ideals, a desire to reach for the stars with an understanding of the possible, and a commitment to a better future for all Americans. A candidate who at times, to her own detriment, doesn't speak in sound bites, but rather talks about real policy initiatives; a candidate who speaks to the issues of everyday Americans from her heart. A candidate who evokes people's better angels trying to make change and asking them to face the racism that still exists in our nation when after the massacre in Charleston she spoke to the U.S. Conference for Mayors and said, "Even though many thought that electing a Black President would allow us to turn the page on history, it didn't."

We have one candidate who issued a clarion call for common sense gun control and the necessity for proponents and opponents to sit across the table from each other to stop Congress from continually "rebuking" the will of the American people. A candidate who calls a South Carolina Senator from across the aisle to offer condolences to the people he represents; even though that senator's policies differ in nearly every way from her own.

We have a candidate who understands science and commits that all government policies in her administration will be driven by science and fact, rather than hyperbole and fiction. A candidate that despite the unending vicious attacks coming day-after-day for decades from some in the media, the far-right and far-left, maintains a more than a 60 percent lead over her nearest competitor in the Democratic primary, and leads every Republican including Bush by eight percent, Rubio by 10 percent and Walker by 14 percent in a general election matchup in the latest polls.

The time has come for the far-left of the Democratic Party to come to grips with reality; Hillary Rodham Clinton can win the Presidency and Bernie Sanders can't. I respect Bernie Sanders and he may win one or two primaries. But the damage to a Democrats chance to win the general election will be on the backs of his supporters if they continue to attack Clinton rather than just supporting him and attacking Republicans.

I have been a proud liberal Democrat all my life having worked for Bella S. Abzug (D-NY) and supported George McGovern in 1972 as did both Bill and Hillary Clinton who ran his Texas campaign. We know the result of that candidacy. In 1980 I hadn't learned my lesson and supported Ted Kennedy, whom my heart said to go with, in his primary against Jimmy Carter. Those of us who did must accept some of the blame for weakening Carter enough so he lost to Ronald Reagan. Many of us have learned from our past experiences. We learned Democrats are perfectly able to 'snatch defeat from the jaws of victory' and we should vow not to do it again.

In 2016, we have a candidate who is the best prepared person to run for President in the last 50 years and who will make history as the first woman President of the United States. A candidate who has spent her life fighting for the principles we Democrats claim to hold dear including equal rights for minorities, women and the LGBT community. A candidate who understands our country was built on the backs of immigrants and will fight to see the 11 million undocumented immigrants here now will have the opportunity to prove they are good citizens with a path to citizenship because they and their children will work to make our nation even greater.

A candidate who is a mother and a grandmother and fought her whole life to ensure each and every child is provided the great education they need to succeed in life. A candidate who understands how the brain works and has developed programs to ensure that from birth to age five each child receives the stimulation needed including being read to, sung to and talked to, so their brains can grow and they have the opportunity to reach their full god given potential.

We have a candidate who understands if America doesn't continue to be a leader in the world a vacuum is created which no one else is prepared to fill. She knows the world we live in and that it is fraught with obstacles to peace and prosperity for so many. She knows the world's leaders and has them on speed dial. She has committed to keeping America strong with the understanding that the use of force; sending our brave men and women in the military into harm's way; is a last resort not a first threat.

No person is perfect and Hillary herself readily admits she has made mistakes. But what is clear to anyone who takes the time to research her history and record, from the day she gave her speech at graduation from Wellesley through her time as Secretary of State, the overwhelming good she has accomplished in the world far outweighs any of the mistakes.

The time is now to recognize we have this amazing opportunity in 2016 to elect someone of incredible intelligence, experience and commitment to making America better. Let's join together and give Hilary Rodham Clinton her chance. She is doing this for us and our future and only we can make it happen.