05/02/2014 03:59 pm ET Updated Jul 02, 2014

Where to Go Dogsledding With Alaskan Huskies

Where can you take a helicopter ride to meet a pack of enthusiastic huskies ready to take you on an adventure? Alaska, of course.

Less than an hour south of Anchorage, Alaska, you'll find a resort town called Girdwood. From there, you can jump on a 12-minute helicopter ride and you'll arrive at the Punchbowl Glacier for the outdoor adventure of a lifetime.

In the middle of the Chugash Mountains lies one of the largest dog sled training camp. Here, the dogs spend months training for the world's famous Iditarod race. Even though these dogs are professionals, you don't have to be one to take them for a ride. Anyone who can make the journey can be a musher for the day.

Watch as I take the reigns and goes on a dog sledding adventure with some of the fastest huskies in the world. And check out more Hidden Gems adventures in Anchorage right here.