05/09/2014 03:46 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Street Photography in Stockholm

It's been a while.

As I read through my last articles, I can see how much my photographic preferences have changed. I am different. My world is different. How I view life is different. My photography has changed.



I am soon off to visit Thailand for the first time in my life.

My photographic thoughts are more and more drawn towards the documentary style. If not yet visible in my recent work, it's growing inside me and hopefully it will just burst out like a flower when the time is right.


99.9 percent of my work has been in black and white so far. These last days I have wondered why. Is it to shave off the unnecessary information in my work, or is it a way for me to distance myself from the images or maybe it´s just done by routine? I don't have the answer at the moment. But today, I feel very drawn towards working in color. My trip to Thailand may be the trigger that I need. A very colorful world compared to my own. I have ideas for a project or two which I am very excited about. We'll see what happens -- ot knowing is a part of the journey.


Stay tuned for more photography and stories coming from the Land of Smiles..