11/07/2012 08:01 pm ET Updated Jan 07, 2013

End of a Tea Party

At the end of the day, it was all for naught. All of it. Just a big fat waste of time. From the birthers to the "Obama was born in Kenya," crowd, to the Ted Nugents and the Chuck Norris's. All that embarrassing, shrill nonsense, that flourished in the dark corners of America's stupidity. It was all aimed at removing Obama from office; by impeachment, ideally, but through an election, if necessary. And it all swirled down the bowl. Good!

There is just something so right about Obama's winning. It is the way things are supposed to happen. Reason is supposed to trump vitriol; wisdom is supposed to defeat ignorance. Of course, we all know, it does not always go that way. Two Bush elections proved that. But this time it worked. And now they have nothing to fight for anymore; Obama is not running for anything ever again. He has succeeded where they have failed.

It got pretty ugly and it got pretty weird. Hank Williams Jr., saying that President Obama hates America and farmers, Donald Trump and his silliness, Newt Gingrich explaining that Obama came from a "Anti-colonial Kenyan point of view." And in the end, Obama unleashed a good old-fashioned Hawaiian ass whipping.

All the white male anti-Obama angst was called "thinly veiled racism." Except for the thin and veiled part. They questioned Obama's very legitimacy. They said he is not even an American. He is a Communist, a Muslim, every hot button word they would think of. It's surprising nobody every called him a "walking abortion."

They threw a ton of stuff against the wall and none of it stuck. None. It just fell back on them and exposed them for what they are.

And now the Donald Trumps and the Ted Nugents and the Meatloafs and all the other old pissed off white guys will just have to live with it for four more years. The same way Democrats had to suffer through all those years of Bush.

Make no mistake, the wave has crested for the birther, Bircher, tea party types. The very fabric of America is changing. Hispanics are now a huge and growing voting block, while older white males are dying off, like the buffalo.

So they made a lot of noise and leveled ugly allegations, about guns to Mexico and emails from Benghazi, and they still couldn't even nominate a real conservative, for the second national election in a row. And then he still lost. Though loud and obnoxious, the Tea Party never had the numbers or the power that the media gave them credit for. Now they have very little indeed.

At this point, for conservative Republicans in congress to fight Obama at every turn, doesn't make much sense anymore. Maybe now, some of them will actually try to work with the President.

Getting re-elected after four years of grinding recession, is in itself a minor miracle. Just ask Jimmy Carter and Bush 41. Let hope Obama can create another miracle, and get our economy humming again. That will be the crowning achievement of a great career.