05/02/2008 07:21 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dog Ears Music: Volume Twenty


The Black Keys
"Things Ain't Like They Used to Be" is the kind of song you can listen to for the rest of your life. It's anthemically cool. These two fellows from Akron, Ohio, guitarist-vocalist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney, have something raw and really great going on. Attack and Release, produced by Danger Mouse, is The Black Keys' fifth album. Danger Mouse originally approached the duo to write songs for an Ike Turner project. That album was shelved due to Turner's untimely death last December. But from that experience, the duo created the foundation for Attack and Release. Definitely download "Things Ain't Like They Used to Be."

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Genre: Rock
Artist: The Black Keys
Song: Things Ain't Like They Used to Be
Album: Attack and Release

Krzysztof Komeda / Mia Farrow
Self-taught composer, pianist, jazz musician, and "restless poet" Krzysztof Komeda lived too short a life. He is best known for his haunting score of director Roman Polanski's Rosemary's Baby. In December 1968, in Los Angeles, Komeda suffered a serious brain injury from an accident and died back in his native Poland in April 1969 at young the age of 38. Komeda had over 60 film credits to his name and left behind enough recorded music to fill dozens of incredible jazz albums. The Rosemary's Baby soundtrack's main title features the vocals of Mia Farrow, which are wonderfully sweet and wonderfully creepy. Put this eerie album on at your next dinner party. Be sure to serve Mrs. Castevet's tannis-root cocktail.

Genre: Soundtrack
Artist: Krzysztof Komeda / Mia Farrow
Song: Rosemary's Baby Main Title
Album: Rosemary's Baby

Jamie Lidell
Talented British Berliner and blue-eyed soul artist Jamie Lidell delivers his R&B-disco-funk-infused "Little Bit of Feel Good," from the CD JIM, which drops this week. This is a creative album, not just a single single to listen to. JIM is fun and smart, on top of which Lidell has a very dedicated sense of humor. Currently touring Europe and hits North America mid-May. Download him and JIM.

Genre: Pop
Artist: Jamie Lidell
Song: Little Bit of Feel Good
Album: JIM

Lottie Kimbrough
Lottie Kimbrough, a.k.a. Lottie Beaman, was a Kansas City blueswoman nicknamed "Butterball." Her first recording session was with Ma Rainey in 1924 for Paramount Records. The sound of her voice makes you want to hear more and more. "Rolling Log Blues," from the compilation CD A Richer Tradition--Country Blues & String Band Music, 1923-1937 has that sincere vinyl directness and honesty of having only one take to get it right. So in other words, you had to be good, really good, back in the day. Download Lottie Kimbrough's "Rolling Log Blues."

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Genre: Vintage Blues
Artist: Lottie Kimbrough
Song: Rolling Log Blues
Album: A Richer Tradition--Country Blues & String Band Music, 1923-1937

White Denim
White Denim is all energy: electric/solar/hydrogen. This trio from Austin, Texas, could lower the price of oil if they desired. They are exciting to listen to. Their 2007 EP Let's Talk About It contains five tracks. The title "Mess Up Your Hair" will mess up your hair from all the headbanging you're gonna do. Currently touring: Go lose yourself and catch a show.

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Genre: Rock
Artist: White Denim
Song: Mess Up Your Hair
Album: Let's Talk About It
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Trio Los Panchos
Trio Los Panchos was founded in New York City in 1944 by Hernando Aviles, a native of Puerto Rico, and Chucho Navarro and Alfredo Gil, both from Mexico. This legendary trio has been hugely influential in the history of Latin American music. "Sin Ti" ("Without You") is timeless and painfully romantic. The harmonies will melt you. This song might make you fall in love with anyone for 2:42 minutes... Download "Sin Ti" from the collection Mis 30 Mejores Canciones.

Genre: Latin Classic
Artist: Trio Los Panchos
Song: Sin Ti
Album: Mis 30 Mejores Canciones